The Antique Gems of Istanbul Tour


Istanbul, the magnificent one offers infinite places to buy, see, look, and taste the marvelous Turkish products such as sweets, hamam products, textiles, carpets, kilims, jewelry, contemporary Turkish design products, arts, and handicrafts. If you are interested in our bazaars, and products, this is the perfect tour for you in which you will enjoy various parts of the city, its vibes and atmosphere. I am specialized in personal shopping; I would love to guide you to find the best Turkish products you are looking for. This is a tour to enjoy markets, bazaars, hidden treasures, and a city that moves through the art of trade. Also, if you have specific requirements for your shopping list you can contact me to organize a tour only for you, for this is necessary that you contact me in advance to do specialized research for you. If you are having a layover in Istanbul of minimum 6 hours, this is the perfect tour to spend your time in a city you are passing through for your next destiny. This is in general a very cool tour that will give you the taste and knowledge of a city that is marvelous. For this tour, our starting time must be from 11:00 in the morning, because this is the time that shops, markets, and bazaars are fully open.

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