Greek Garden Dinner with a Local Family


Hey, I'm Dionusia and I would like to invite you for a home-cooked meal at my beautiful garden ! In my family we truly enjoy having people at our dinner table and cook for them Greek typical food . Join us! I have prepared 3 delicious main courses for you to choose. All of them are traditional Greek specialties consisted of meat or fish adored by all members in Greek families. If you are coming with your kids even better. My son Jason is always up for making new international friends and we have all these games prepared. Like: Making Huge bubbles , Learning how to do balloon swords & animals, See magic metallic sand experiments Prepare a handmade souvenir with your kids name in Greek!! The hint of the night , we will prepare homemade loukoumades live :) !! This is THE favourite treat of all Greek kids. The menu is 100% personalized and I can make vegetarian versions of the dishes if you wish to. Just let me know for any diet restriction you might have. Can't wait to welcome you at my home !

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Prijs: € 64.71

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