All About Curry - Private Cooking class


What no one understands is that curry is not one ingredient that you can buy; it is the perfect combination of different spices and aromas. Join me in my kitchen for a private curry cooking class where I will share with you my grandmother's recipe for the perfect curry! I'll pick fresh vegetables, meat or fish, or any other ingredients you prefer to eat with the most delicious curry! Get a refreshing homemade lime juice and get ready to start your cooking class! I will show you how to prepare different kinds of curries so you will have a variety to choose from and pick your favorite. During the private class, I will share with you all the small details that it takes to make a delicious curry and, of course, anything else you are interested in knowing regarding Sri Lankan cuisine. If you have any other suggestions regarding the menu, please share them with me and I will make sure to take them into consideration for the class. I can't wait to teach you how to make a real curry!

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Prijs: € 68.00

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