The Real Taste Of Home Made Nepali Food


After a day filled with memories of Exciting Nepal, imagine how good it would feel to be welcomed by a chilled glass of Lassi (Lassi is blended yogurt sweet or salty as per taste). But yet there is one more mesmerising experience of Nepal yet to be uncovered, the Traditional Nepali Food. The spices, the ingredients, the fragrance I bet you will not be able to resist it. The traditional Nepali Thali is found around in a few places here and there but you will not get the hygiene and cleanliness anywhere else than at home. The Nepali Thali includes the following: White Rice Daal (Lentil Soup) Tarkari (Fresh Seasonal Vegetables cooked in Nepali style) Saag (Spinach) Masu Ko Raas (Nepali Style Mutton/Chicken/Fish as per choice) Fresh Salad Achar (Pickle) Followed by homemade Dessert

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